Alcohol infused cake pops

alcohol infused cake pops

Since New Year's Eve is coming up I thought it would be cool to make an alcohol infused cake pop to bring to your parties. Let's take a look at.
These are liquor infused cake balls /pops covered in chocolate. Enjoy!!.
I initially tried mixing my alcohol with the frosting, then adding to the I could make the pop with frosting, but then roll it in my booze to infuse it,  Not Your Normal Cake Pops / Cake Balls. alcohol infused cake pops

Course: Alcohol infused cake pops

1.6cm in inches Best from the Blogs. Tastes really good when the Peach Schnapps and Bailey's Cream are mixed together. Tequila Sunrise Cake Pops. Pint Sized Baker Sweets for every white chocolate shells tooth! This adds just a small taste of alcohol to go with the pop. Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes.
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Alcohol infused cake pops 93
Alcohol infused cake pops Follow Us On Twitter. I have successfully made boozy cupcakes black birthday cake taste alcohol infused cake pops, but trying to pack the booze flavour into tiny cake pops is proving to be a challenge. Visit Pint Sized Baker's profile on Pinterest. If you are attending festivities next week we may be asked to bring an appetizer or dessert from your party host. Laura Blogging Over Thyme. Tastes really good when the Peach Schnapps and Bailey's Cream are mixed together. Designed by Kate and Chelsea.
Easy instructions on how to make cake pops so they turn out perfect (or at least close to it)! - # cakepops #foodstorage.
Because the only thing to make them even better is alcohol.
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Alcohol infused cake pops - unique

I love my Kelly Moore Bag! You can spice it up a bit, by adding a few drops of food coloring to the Rum. Everyone raved about them. I used Shellback white rum. I think if you want to make cake pops that taste like rum or any other type of alcohol then what you need to do is just add the alcohol to the cake batter.


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