Wax paper wrappers for caramels

wax paper wrappers for caramels

Wrap up your caramels and taffy with these non-stick waxed papers. Caramel wrappers are white, x Pkg. of 2000 sheets.
White, caramel wrapper pack of 100 sheets is perfect for one large or two regular The first year, I cut waxed paper by hand and after 10 batches of caramels.
100 Sheets of Twisting Wax Paper ; 4.5" by 5.5" Sheets; Color: Opaque; Ideal for Twisting B&S FEEL 200 Pcs Nougat Candy Wrappers Caramel Wrappers.

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Wax paper wrappers for caramels 416
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Wax paper wrappers for caramels - pink

The only thing is that everyone expects taffy inside waxed paper. The foil wrap makes a better seal. I discovered products that didn't know existed. Salted caramel solidified upon cooling. Sign in with Facebook. Ordinary Cut-Rite tends to tear when I twist the wrapped ends. Terms of Chocolate cake wedding and.


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