Geode cake topper

geode cake topper

How to make a beautiful Rock Candy Geode Cake Topper by Viki Kane.
Top 5 geode rock candy tutorials. Pettinice on Viki Kane's golden geode slice topper 2016 Cake trend: Embed a geode into a cake.
Learn how to make this gorgeous geode candy topper from Viki Kane of Just a Little Dessert Company. Viki pretty much started the geode cake. There's a Sweet new wedding cake trend going around, you guys, and it Geode toppers (also edible!) seem to be popular for smaller cakes.
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How to make a beautiful Rock Candy Geode Cake Topper by Viki Kane.

Geode cake topper - icing

So sparkly-gorgeous, and just fascinating. How to Create Home-Style Horizontal Rustic Geode cake topper Cake. This is the one that went viral a little while back, and it's easy to see why. Sugar never looked so pretty! That turquoise is stupendous. Too bad these weren't around when we got married. This tutorial by Alana Jones-Mann will complete your dessert table styling by showing you how to create geode agate cookie slices using royal icing. geode cake topper

Geode cake topper - often present

For anyone looking to see the little guy that started the craze, here ya go! I was immediately transfixed by this gorgeous edible geode cake topper! Create a large version and place into a carved cake. Watch the trailer here! Go here for more details. The paint is made with powdered food colouring mixed with alcohol.


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