Wedding cake for 60 guests

wedding cake for 60 guests

(100 guests divided by 5 = 20) If you wish to reserve the top tier for the couple to take home add 2-3 pounds to the total. Top tiers are typically 2 tier wedding cakes start at 6 pounds (30 servings) using a 6" tier on a 10" tier. 50 - 60 servings.
I am making a two tiered cake that is supposed to feed 60 people, there is food and then it ends with cake for the guests - I think I will just cakes/making-cakes/baking- wedding - cake Would A 60 Serving Wedding Cake Be 5", 7", 9" - Cake Central.
Here you will find my guide to cake sizes and serves, answering the question: how Cake Ideas · Christening Cakes · Wedding Cakes · Special Occasions need to consider the number of guests itneeds to serve and how the cake will be served. 9", 60, 30. 10", 80, 40. 11", 100, 50. 12", 120, 60. 14", 150, 75. 16", 180.

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Wedding cake for 60 guests - core the

A choice of local in-season fresh flowers or man-made silk flowers. Couples are opting for smaller cakes with artistic designs, like this "melted" icing and floral topper. Cut the cake into wedges, without a center circle. I'm going with a baker down in OC who will deliver webkinz cakes my LA venue and her prices are SO reasonable. Stop cutting when you reach the desired size slice.

Wedding cake for 60 guests - proud baker

They are centred on a basic wedding fruit cake or mud cake covered with a buttercream frosting and decorated with seasonal flowers. Also, would you say that the white color is grayish or?? Will the cake be served as dessert, or to go with coffee? Often you can get more servings per cake than quoted here. wedding cake for 60 guests 8″ round cake serves 15 guests (standard party) to 21 guests (wedding party) 10″ round 16″ round cake serves 60 to 83 12″ square serves 43 to 60.
Great cake chart showing how many people your cake will feed. Make sure you have from The Pretty Pear Bride · Let our cake serving guide help you choose the perfect cake for your wedding! .. CakesCakes Duh. Cakes to Serve 150 to 200 Guests - This one is for 156, with a groom's cake to feed 60 + it will hit.
The size of the cake and whether it is layered or tiered. The number of servings – this is a direct reflection of your guest list. And of course your choice in wedding.


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