Wilton modeling chocolate

wilton modeling chocolate

thank you for the info.. never had a problem using the wilton candy melts. I have made three attempts at modeling chocolate with chocolateĀ  Modeling Chocolate.
You can use real chocolate (the best quality you can find) OR Wilton's candy melts to make modeling chocolate. Personally, I prefer candy.
A Cake To Remember LLC How to make candy clay using Wilton candy melts. This is candy clay since it has.

Wilton modeling chocolate - Reply

Depending on what liquid you are using milk, water or even whipping cream, you should have similiar results. Your Name required :. Be careful not to get the melted candy too hot. The method to make candy clay and real modeling chocolate made with real chocolate is the sameā€¦the ingredients change a bit. wilton modeling chocolate


How to Melt Candy Melts Candy


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