What colors are panthers

what colors are panthers

The Carolina Panthers team colors are black, blue and silver. Here are the Carolina Panthers color codes if you need them for any of your digital projects. Follow.
Although many believe black is the only color panthers come in, this is untrue. Panthers can be golden yellow like lions, brown, dark gray Blue Alternative: Carolina Blue, White, Black He wanted pantone colors /\\ Pantone colors: Blue - Pantone Proc ess Blue C Black - Pantone Black 6 C Silver - Pantone 429 C.
See the history of the Carolina Panthers uniform from the start of the franchise to now. what colors are panthers

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What color were the original Oompa-Loompas? Rare white panthers are in fact albino leopards or jaguars. Watch a Huge Snake Battle a Mother Leopard and Cub. Many of the photos, and most of the articles on this site belong to Pro Panther.

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What colors are panthers For other uses, see Black Panther disambiguation. Black panther Black leopard. Comment on This Story. They carry a genetic mutation that means the black pigment in their fur dominates the orange. Learn more about Large Cats.
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