Signature linen vistaprint

signature linen vistaprint

Vistaprint offers four different kinds of Signature paper stocks: Glossy, Matte, Linen and Recycled Matte.
I'm working on getting my invites together before the Vistaprint sale ends, and I I wanted linen but ordered the matte because I read that the linen.
Read our in-depth VistaPrint business cards review and compare VistaPrint with like " Signature Glossy" or "Metallic Finish" for prices ranging from $8 to $20.


Wedding Invitation Paper Quality Glossy finish paper has a high gloss coating applied to the paper surface that yields a smooth, shiny finish, vivid colors, vibrant images and excellent.
The difference between vistaprint cards. Up next. VISTAPRINT STANDARD VS SIGNATURE BUSSINESS.
I am ordering my thank you cards now, and I'm not sure whether to choose between the upgraded linen finish, or the upgraded heavier card stock.

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