Chalk cakes

chalk cakes

I've got five months to go before my next birthday, but I've already decided on the cake thanks to this awesome tutorial for making an edible.
Chalkboard cakes are becoming one of the most popular design requests for cake decorators, especially for the vintage-rustic style wedding.
With the candy chalk you can make a chalkboard cake that says whatever you'd like it to. I think it would be a blast to do for a birthday and have all the guests. However, we were drawn to one chalkboard cake in particular, which was created by the super talented Simona from Sweet Rocket Queen.
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Subscribe here: Wind back to the 'olden days' of chalkboards with a 'new-age' twist.

Chalk cakes - JOYS oldie

Add the powdered sugar and mix until smooth. If you feel brave enough to give the "chalkboard effect" a go, then make sure to post your photographs to our Facebook page.


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