Hide under a rock

hide under a rock

Source: in combat with Falls-From-Sky. Price: N/A. Class: N/A. Level: N/A. Effect: Allows you to avoid Falls-From-Sky's spinning special.
Browse translated example sentences. This page shows translations and information about the sentence: I want to hide under a rock.
I say we find a rock and hide under." My try: "je sais que je suis censé être le mec virile et courageux dans l'histoire, mais j'ai une autre idée: et.


PET PEEVES, Y U NO HIDE UNDER A ROCK?!?! Is there a way to say this expression in italian? Kind of like to die of embarrassment? "Voglio nascondere sotto???" Grazie!:).
hide under a rock. not involved in social activities. Did you hide under a rock? # hide #rock #activities #break #social. by emci March 20, 14 3. Buy the mug.
Jesus saves.

The difference: Hide under a rock

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hide under a rock


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