Is egg considered dairy

is egg considered dairy

Though frequently found in or near the dairy section of grocery stores, eggs are rarely considered a dairy food by modern definitions. In the past.
It's a common misconception. We walk down the grocery aisle, pick up our eggs, then the milk, choose our cheese, and grab some yogurt and.
I don't think eggs are classified as dairy. People may lump eggs with dairy because they are both animal products. Both are also seen under the large " dairy ".


Estrogen in Meat, Dairy, and Eggs

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Dentist themed cakes What is bad about eating eggs? If you are not a chef, please realize you are amongst a group of highly sarcastic, profane, and vulgar people. Beach themed sheet cakes at the picture above. What color is caviar? So is it meat or dairy but at same time not dairy. Plus, it is not that uncommon to see a milk and egg allergy combination in kids.
is egg considered dairy


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